Seven Gardens on Hokkaido Garden Path

The seven gardens that connect Asahikawa, Furano and Tokachi.


Ueno Farmno.1Ueno Farm
The gardens are based on a traditional English garden, yet they are designed to match Hokkaido's blue sky and climate.


Windy Gardenno.2Windy Garden
The garden has been drawing people's attention and attracting many visitors as it was used as the setting of the TV drama "Kaze-no Garden (Windy Garden)" written by the prominent playwright So Kuramoto.


Tokachi Millennium Forestno.3Tokachi Millennium Forest
Being located at the foot of the Hidaka Mountain Range, you can enjoy the massive scale of the natural environment and a wide variety of gardens.
Manabe Gardenno.4Manabe Garden
It is well known as the first conifer garden in Japan. Its collection, including the precious old trees that have been living there since before the development of Hokkaido, is well worth viewing.
Tokachi Hillsno.5Tokachi Hills
Blessed with hilltop views, they have been developing eco-gardens where wild birds, insects and plants coexist.
Shichiku Gardenno.6Shichiku Garden
Created by Akiyo Shichiku, the gardener with the ambition "to make Hokkaido an island of flowers."
Forest of Rokkano.7Rokka-no Mori
The wild flowers that the artist Chokko Sakamoto painted are grown in the forest. His paintings are displayed in the museum.

Garden Wedding for Your Important Occasion

Many of the gardens have accommodations for a wedding. Each of them has their own setting such as lawns, forests and flower gardens. Ask the gardens for details.